Our Invention

Our Invention

While researching for a local acting compound (in the gastro-intestinal tract) that would help with weight loss, we made a surprising discovery: our compound turned out to cause weight gain. This remarkable result has been affirmed in a series of preclinical studies and a Phase 1 study in humans. We are now ready to prove our invention in Phase 2, in patients where this concept could lead to health benefits and cost savings.

The basic idea of our invention is as follows:

Our invention is based on a series of known anesthetics, with a well known safety profile. These anesthetics are normally used by injection, but our findings show that they can also be used for oral administration with a local mode of action. With our proprietary formulation it leads to the following two mechanisms of action:

  1. The local analgesic (pain killing) action of the stomach,
  2. A delay in the signaling to the brain that the stomach is full.

Mechanism of action:

These two mechanisms of action lead to a slower onset of satiety, and is expected to lead to an increased food intake. All of our studies so far indicate that this concept should work in patients.


To make the application the most suitable for phase 2 and 3 studies we have developed and produced a proprietary oral formulation. This way we expect the best results and the most convenient administration.


We have a strong and growing patent portfolio to protect our findings.